Looking for Volunteers

In order to cover the whole country we are looking for owners or carers of doves in every corner of Ireland. When fully trained, the doves will fly home from forty miles or so. We would supply the baskets, arrange a release or collection as needed and cater for event needs as required.

Please help us to extend our services to everyone in the country and help mark their special day in a unique way. If you would be interested or if indeed you already own doves and would be available to help, please contact us by email, Facebook or the contact form here on the site.

We provide a professional dove releasing service that operates in Wexford, Dublin and Kildare and various other counties throughout Ireland. We release Doves at Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and any other special event that you may have coming up. Doves are a symbol of love, peace and new beginnings. Doves have been used throughout the world to celebrate many special occasions and it has proven to be very popular in recent years especially in Ireland. When we as a family decided to set up our dove releasing, A professional service with a small fee and a percentage that goes to charity.