Funerals and Memorials

We release the doves with great respect paid to families for funerals at the graveside of the departed. We will film the doves before and after they are released.

As the dove soars above the grave we will transfer this beautiful image on to a D.V.D with three of the departed's favorite songs. We can also place a photo of your loved one onto the D.V.D.

You can write a small message to your loved one and we will place it on the ring of the dove. The message slips free and floats through the clouds as the dove makes its way back home.

All we need to know is:

1, Name of departed
2, Date of departed
3, Names of family members, e.g, (sadly missed by 4 to 6 names)
4, Three of the departed's favorite songs which we will add to the D.V.D.

Interested parties please contact us via our contact page. email and phone options available.

We provide a free dove releasing service that operates in Wexford, Dublin and Kildare and various other counties throughout Ireland. We release Doves at Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and any other special event that you may have coming up.

Doves are a symbol of love, peace and new beginnings. Doves have been used throughout the world to celebrate many special occasions and it has proven to be very popular in recent years especially in Ireland.

When we as a family decided to set up our dove releasing, we chose not to charge for our service, instead we have decided that any donations received would go to Console. Console is an organisation run to help people who have lost a loved one through suicide. As suicide has had a massive impact on our lives, we found that this very important organisation has helped us to overcome a lot. You can find out more by logging on to

New Service For Memorials

We can release the doves in memory of a loved one in Ireland.
For any family living abroad in any part of the world s release can be done in Ireland and filmed for them in there memory.
If your loved one liked golf, fishing , outdoor sports etc.
we can release the dove at their favorite place again capturing on film and transferring it to you via dvd or send to your personal you-tube channel.
Contact us directly for more details.