Getting married abroad

If you are getting married abroad, we can release the doves on your wedding day or help a family member or loved one release them in one of your favorite places to commemorate your special day.We can also record the event on DVD and send it to you.

If you are travelling to Ireland, we can organize a release that best suits you. If you cannot travel, we will gladly release the doves on your behalf, and tailored to your requirements.

You can also take video footage of your wedding day and send it over to us and we can edit the doves in and add your 3 songs and send it back to you.

Visiting Ireland

If you are visiting ireland for a holiday or for any other reason and would like a dove released in memory of a loved one.
We can arrange to meet you with our beautiful white doves.
We will video the event for 15 mins Aprox, and place it on a d.v.d.
Add on a photo of the deceased.
Add on one or up to three favourate songs.
Each dove release comes with its own certificate in a frame.
Contact me for more details.

World Wide Service

If you live in Europe, America, Australia or any other part of the world, we offer our service to all people who cannot avail of doves in their own town, city or country.

Millions of people who have lost a loved one, would like to release a dove in their memory and we would be more than happy to cater for any specific need you might have.
Be it having your loved ones favorite hobby eg. soccer, golf, tennis etc. included / involved.

We woud be happy to show this on the complementary DVD of the dove being released.

We video the doves for 12 minutes before and after their release as they head for the sky and clouds.
You can select a location for us to release the doves for example golf course, beach, garden center, old castle or football pitch.
When you have received your complementary DVD and certificate by post, and only if you are completely satisfied, A donation via the contact page would be a great way to show your gratatude and support.

The details we require for the dove release following a persons bereavement are as follows:

  1. Name of departed.
  2. Date of departed.
  3. A photo of the departed so it can be included on the D.V.D
  4. Names of family members (up to 6 members can be placed on the DVD
  5. You can if you wish write a small message to your loved one. We will place it in the ring of the dove and as it flies away the message slips free and floats through the sky and clouds as the dove makes its way home.
world service We provide a free dove releasing service that operates in Wexford, Dublin and Kildare and various other counties throughout Ireland. We release Doves at Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and any other special event that you may have coming up. Doves are a symbol of love, peace and new beginnings. Doves have been used throughout the world to celebrate many special occasions and it has proven to be very popular in recent years especially in Ireland. When we as a family decided to set up our dove releasing, we chose not to charge for our service, instead we have decided that any donations received would go to good honest charity